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Singhasari Resort is an existing resort at the foothills of Bukit Batu in Malang, East Java. With the resorts success over the years it was decided to expand with a new villa concept. 

MTA undertook every aspects of design for the project including master planning, architecture, interior design and landscape design to create a complete concept that can be seen from the large scale to the small details. 

MTA used the deep cultural history to inform its design. The master plan incorporates the 13th century syncretic Hindu-Buddhist Singhasari temple's history. The roof of each building follows the traditional proportions of the area with modern interior. The main reception and dining building follows the proportions and functionality of a traditional pendopo building of East Java. The small hand painted kunci tiles also come from Java. 

The business model for the expansion of the resort was that of a condotel model, so each villa had to have clearly defined boundaries so that they could be sold to private buyers. 

There is one large presidential villa for the frequent VIP guests the resort hosts. 



Location: Malang, East Java, Indonesia

GFA: 67,116m²


Currently Operating. Opened 2018

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