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Special Services
Environmental Sustainable Design

MTA is committed to designing the best possible Environmentally Sustainable Design solution for any given site, program and building. For MTA there is no debate whether to implement ESD principles or not. In today’s age, MTA believes this is the only way to design.

In Jakarta a staggering 60% of a building’s energy is used on air conditioning and 20‐22% is used on lighting systems. With energy prices consistently rising if energy consumption can be reduced by 10% the savings for the client are clearly apparent.



MTA has a list of ESD systems and principles specifically tailored for Indonesia which include:

- Site Orientation
- Double Skin Facade
- Urban Heat Island
- Green Roof
- Green Facade/Wall
- Light Pipes
- Solar Panels / Photovoltaic​

- Sun Shading Systems

- Stack Sffect/Solar Chimney
- Thermal Mass
- Chilled Beam
- Grey Water
- Night Sky Cooling
- Reed Bed Purification
- Biomass
- Materials Selection

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