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Special Services

MTA, in cooperation with Retail First Indonesia, work together to provide retail asset management solutions. MTA analyzes an existing retail asset to provide architectural design solutions to various issues that may exist - planning, circulation, interiors, exteriors and environmentally sustainable design solutions.

MTA approaches each project first with a focus on research, market analysis and the boundaries of the brief set by the client. MTA’s expertise is in the ability to understand the key factors in designing a successful retail development. MTA designs highly efficient commercial projects (Grand Kamala Lagoon achieved 78% NLA) and often provides an increase in the leasable area of a project.

MTA is also focused on environmental sustainability. When the project permits MTA will encourage alternative methods of construction, usage and operations to create a project that reduces the impact on the environment and in turn the operational cost for a client.


Retail Asset Analysis and Solutions
Retail Strategy

One of the major products of the collaboration with Retail First Idonesia is the ability to create Strategic Retail Concepts. 

As architects and retail professionals working together, through research, analysis and experience, MTA and RFI can identify, generate and place the suitable program(s) within a project to create a rich, attractive and sustainable development.

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Retail First Indonesia (RFI) is an integrated asset enhancement and management service provider that operates across Indonesia.

Our company is geared to deliver maximum return on commercial retail investments. To achieve this RFI combines international best practice with local market trends and tailors every solution to each unique property within its relevant market environment.
RFI’s distinctive ‘owner-focused’ approach emphasises a close and personal collaboration with our clients to maximise the value of assets and cash flows for the long‑term investors’ assurance.

RFI’s total asset management approach provides a systematic process of operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively and in an efficient manner with the goal to maximize net cash flows to the owners and an overall increase in the market value of the asset. Our approach covers all aspects of management and operations of the client’s retail project.


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Our Services are tailored to meet the particular needs of the owner during the different stages of the asset lifecycle and towards the final goals.

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