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Revo Town Bekasi

With the work produced in the Development Strategy Report by RFI and MTA, we were able to recommended two major catalysts to help turn around the failing retail centre. 

The first was to establish a bridge connection with the new LRT station and offer their near 1,000 parking lots as a facility to the city of Bekasi. 

The second was the ability for the project to be reclassified as a TOD (Transit Orientated Development) allowing for increases in building allowance by the authorities. 

MTA then reimagined the project into a 'Third Place' for the residents in the city of Bekasi and its surroundings. Creating places for the community to gather, meet & socialize with restaurants and entertainment being the new core tenants.

The project now has the elements to succeed in the post pandemic world. 

MTA implemented the Retail Strategy through a full interior design renovation – including spaces for younger communities, families and friends to come and gather, tenancy zoning & layouts, creation of new voids, improving customer convenience, adding vertical circulation (lifts and escalators), adding skylights for natural lighting and sustainability and more – creating a true Third Place for the community of Bekasi.


With the LRT beginning operations August 2023, it has been four years for this project to become a reality.


MTA is proud to showcase this success.



Location: Bekasi, East Java, Indonesia

GFA: 66,093m²

NLA: 44,648m²

Currently Operating

REVO LRT Lobby 3.png
REVO LRT Lobby 4.png
201113_2 - Photo.png
REVO Amphi 1.png
REVO Amphi 5.png
REVO Main Atrium 1.png
REVO Main Corridor 1.png
REVO Food Court 2.png
REVO Retail Corridor 1.png
REVO Lift Atrium 2.png
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