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Mal Kelapa Gading and Summarecon Mal Serpong

MTA has been working with Summaercon redeveloping areas for retail for various retail centers. Most notably MTA has worked on key areas of Mal Kelapa Gading incuding:


  • Food Temptaion (the foodcourts)

  • Gading Walk (the outdoor area),

  • The MKG3 lobby

  • The Attic Garden, a prime dining arrea in the mall


For Summarecon Mal Serpong, MTA worked on the new design for their foodcourt.



Location: Kelapa Gading, East Jakarta and Serpong, Greater Jakarta, Indonesia

GFA: 20,000+m²


Currently Under Construction

INTL_2 - Photo GREEN 1.jpg
MGK INTL update v2_11 - Photo.jpg
MGK INTL update v2_20 - Photo.jpg
MGK INTL update v2_19 - Photo.jpg

Food Temptation International at Mal Kelapa Gading

MKG LOKAL update_22 - Photo edited.jpg
MKG LOKAL update_24 - Photo edited.jpg
MKG FC LOKAL new text_27 - Photo edited.jpg

Food Temptation Nusantara at Mal Kelapa Gading

Gading Walk_15 - Photo.jpg
Gading Walk_2 - Photo edit.jpg
Gading Walk_6 - Photo edit.jpg
Gading Walk update_30 - Photo.jpg

Gading Walk at Mal Kelapa Gading

MKG Attic_11 OP2B.png
MKG Attic_4 - Photo.jpg
MKG Attic_1 - Photo.jpg

Attich Garden at Mal Kelapa Gading

MKG Lobby op2_2 - Photo.png
MKG Lobby_4 - Photo.png
MKG Lobby op2_8 - Photo.png

Main Lobby at Mal Kelapa Gading 3

SMS FC 01.jpg
SMS FC 04.jpg
SMS FC 02.jpg
SMS Foodcourt 191209_Photo - 1.jpg
SMS Foodcourt 191209_Photo - 4.jpg
SMS Foodcourt 191209_Photo - 3.jpg
SMS Foodcourt 191209_Photo - 2.jpg

Food Temptation at Summarecon Mal Serpong

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