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Icon Bali


Location: Bali, Indonesia

GFA: 38,570m²

NLA: 30,000m²

Operating since June 2024


Experience A Seamless Beachfront Retail & Entertainment Village. 

Icon Bali is the first real lifestyle, culture and retail center in Sanur, Bali. Comprising of 8 Iconic features to attract domestic and international customers. 


MTA designed the entirety of the project – architecture, interior design, sustainability design and landscape design. This allowed the individual design disciplines to seamlessly work together to create something truly unique. This can be seen in the way the landscape design is fully incorporated into the architecture and interior design.


The unique facade takes inspiration from the landscape, flora and fauna of Bali with the forms of the main facade being inspired by terracing rice paddy’s,  a banana leaf (daun pisang), a frangipani (kamboja) and a snake fruit (salak). The Interior’s planter boxes and hanging gardens further emphasize and define the spatial qualities of atrium. The result is a building like no other in the world. 

At the center of the development is "Jaje", the first floating market in a retail center in Indonesia, which seamlessly opens to the beach and sea. This water feature brings the outside-inside experience and also functions as a sustainable system by cooling the building and thus reducing the usage of mechanical cooling systems.


The Indonesian archipelago has a seemingly endless variety of flora, with each island having their own indigenous plant life. As part of MTA’s sustainable approach to design, we want to use indigenous plants and flowers in the project. To assist us in this effort, we collaborated with the Bali Landscape Company in specifying the most appropriate plants and flowers for the project. The ‘Salak Façade’ uses Ipomea (Katang-katang) which is found locally in Bali.


The single corridor layout is a seamless transition from indoor retail to gourmet restaurants with al fresco dining to the beach clubs and then the beach. A clear customer friendly journey that is efficient and easy to navigate with views of the stunning beachfront.

The result is a building like no other in the world. 

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