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City Plaza







Locations: Across all of Indonesia

GFA: range 25,000 ~ 80,000m²

NLA: range 20,000 ~ 50,000

Currently Under Construction

CiPlaz Pettarani 1.jpg

City Plaza Pettarani

MTA worked with Ramayana Groups new City Plaza endevaours across Indonesia. The projects allow the retailer/developer to compete in new markets and future proof their developments. 

The retail centeres provided an overhaul to the market perception of the Ramayana brand and provides a phyiscal realisation of the new direction of the brand and it's goals.

The development and retail strategy behind the developments was done in conjuction with Retail First Indonesia over a course of a year. 

Two of the six projects projects are under construction as of 2020 and the remaining are to be started in the near future. 

CiPlaz Pettarani 2.jpg
CiPlaz Pettarani 4.jpg
CiPlaz Pettarani 3.jpg

City Plaza Cipanas

CiPlaz Cipanas 1.jpg
CiPlaz Cipanas 2.jpg
CiPlaz Cipanas 4.jpg

City Plaza Garut

CiPlaz Garut 1.jpg
CiPlaz Garut 3.jpg
CiPlaz Garut 2.jpg

City Plaza Panam

CiPlaz Panam 1.jpg
CiPlaz Panam 2.jpg
CiPlaz Panam 3.jpg
CiPlaz Panam 4.jpg

City Plaza Semarang 

CiPlaz Semarang 2.jpg
CiPlaz Semarang 3.jpg
CiPlaz Semarang 1.jpg
CiPlaz Parung 3.jpg

City Plaza Parung

CiPlaz Parung 1.JPG
CiPlaz Parung 2.JPG
CiPlaz Parung 4.jpg
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